In place of an in-person conference this year, accepted paper authors are recording their presentations. The Annual Technical Conference will return in March 2022.

Below are video presentations for our 2021 Video Presentation and Proceedings. In a few instances, a video was not created, but there will be a paper in the Proceedings. The Proceedings will be published later this year and made available to TAGA members.

Session: Color

Brand Color Tolerances: A Reality Check

Eddy Hagen,

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Coated Versus Uncoated—Why the Difference In Density?

John Seymour, John the Math Guy, LLC, & Clemson University

1spp | 6spp

ColorNet: Use Case of Artificial Intelligence In Sports Broadcasting

Dr. Erica Walker, Clemson University

1spp | 6spp

A Comparison of App-based Color Measurement Devices to Spectrophotometers

Dina Vees and Malcolm Keif, California Polytechnic State University


GMG ColorCard

Marc Levine, GMG Color
(InterTech recipient)

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Session: Expanded Gamut

Expanded Color Gamut printing for a narrow web Flexographic press

Akshay Joshi, P.V.G.’s College of Engineering & Technology; Kiran Deshpande, Siegwerk; Panthala Selvan, Pressman Solutions

1spp | 6spp

Flexographic Expanded Gamut Printing with Proprietary and Nonproprietary Characterization Charts

Dr. Martin Habekost, Dr. Reem El Asaleh, and Dr. Abhay Sharma, Ryerson University

1spp | 6spp

Identification of Aim Values for a CMYK-OGV Based Process Agnostic ECG Characterization Data Set: FOGRA55 Beta 2 Field Test

Yuan Li and Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra

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Session: Ink

Breaking the Pigment-to-Binder Ratio Paradigm of Metallic Pigments: Concomitantly Promoting Pigment-Binder Bonding and Metallic Pigment Orientation

Devin Schmitt and Christopher Hilbrich, Eckart America Corporation

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No video available. Paper will be in the 2021 Proceedings.

New Natural and Biodegradable Wax Additives

Richard Czarnecki, Micro Powders, Inc.

Particle Size of Pigments for Soy Water Based Inks

Prashant Kotkar, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III, Western Michigan University; Dipesh Sonar, American Ink and Technology

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Session: Inkjet

Developing a Computer-To-Screen Application Using an Inkjet Printer to Apply a Stencil Directly to the Mesh in a Hybrid Screen Printing Processes

Dr. Carl Blue, Clemson University

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The Deployment of Tracking Technologies In Digital Inkjet Corrugated Production Using Printed Marks for Brand Supply Chain Management

Gregory S. D’Amico and Christopher Bondy, Rochester Institute of Technology

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Session: Packaging

Antimicrobial Treated Coatings for Use In Graphic Communications and Packaging

Charlie Matthews, Biomaster USA LLC

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Mixing Oil and Water: Digital Printing on Hydrocarbon-based Flexible Films with Water-based Inkjet Systems

Doug Bugner and William Mansfield, Kodak
(InterTech Award recipient)

1spp | 6spp

Screen Printed Moisture Sensor and Its Application on Smart Packaging

Dr. Ruoxi “Rachel” Ma, California Polytechnic State University; Alexandra Pekarovicova, Western Michigan University

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Session: Sustainability

No video available. Paper will be in the 2021 Proceedings.

How to Sustainably Create Recyclable Packaging Through the Use of Electron Beam Curable Inks In the Printing Process

Im Rangwalla, ESI; Jordi Puig and Felip Ferrer, Comexi

No video available. Paper will be in the 2021 Proceedings.

Methodology to Assess Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Emission-related Risks for Companies

Michael Has, Grenoble INP-Pagora

The Study of Eco-friendly Printing Ink Composed of Starch/PVA Blend for Printing On Cardboard

Juntira Komasatitaya, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

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Session: Print Process

Esko Trapper

Frank Woltering, Esko
(InterTech Award recipient)

No video available. Paper will be in the 2021 Proceedings.

Navigator DFE

Eric Nelsen, Xitron
(InterTech Award recipient)

No video available. Paper will be in the 2021 Proceedings.

Simplified Scoring and Communication for Print Suppliers and Print Buyers

Brian Ashe, Esko

Understanding the Impact of the Software and Hardware Components that Drive Your Digital Press

Eric Worrall, Global Graphics

Session: Print Production

EFI Reggiani Bolt

Micol Gamba, EFI, Inc.
(InterTech Award recipient)

1spp | 6spp

GLX40RP Double-Sided Press

Doug Schardt, Komori
(InterTech Award recipient)

1spp | 6spp

HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

Michal Shelly, HP
(InterTech Award recipient)

Image Processing for Web-to-Print Applications

Dmitry Sevostyanov, Aurigma
(InterTech Award recipient)


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