Student groups from each educational institute are encouraged to create an electronic journal of student research for this prestigious competition. Each journal’s goal should be four-six technical articles, along with information about the student group that produced the journal.

The electronic journals will be judged on the following:

  • Technical Writing (50 points in category)
    • Quality of Writing (10 points)
    • Clarity of Writing (10 points)
    • Relevance of Research (10 points)
    • Accuracy of Research (10 points)
    • Level of Difficulty (10 points


  • Student Participation (30 points in category)
    • Student chapters will be asked to produce a short video describing their effort
  • Publication Design (30 points in category)
    • Quality of Overall Design / Theme (10 points)
    • Use of Type/Images/Graphics (10 points)
    • Level of Difficulty (10 points)


  • Ingenuity of Offering (30 points in category)
    • Incorporation of Social Media (10 points)
    • Rationale of Choice of Publishing Platform (supported by student chapter video) (10 points)
    • Originality of concept (10 points)

This competition is an excellent opportunity for students to show their understanding in producing a publication in the electronic space while taking advantage of the unique capabilities that electronic publishing offers. The due date for the student electronic journals will be March 28, 2021. To introduce themselves to the judges and provide information about their journal’s production, student groups will submit an introductory video to accompany their submission. Please look for more details in the coming weeks.

Award Recipients

  • Grand Prize: California Polytechnic State University
  • Technical Writing: Ryerson University
  • Publication Design: Ryerson University
  • Ingenuity of Offering: Ryerson University