Stay on top of technical advancements that are shaping the future of graphic communications. Join us at the 2020 TAGA Annual Technical Conference in Oklahoma City, OK, March 15-18.

TAGA Annual Technical Conference is the go-to place to...

  • Explore the findings from the latest technical research projects and engage in robust discussions about their potential impact with the top minds in the industry.
  • Discover a host of color-centric technologies pushing the envelope of what we know about existing color technology including expanded gamut, inkjet printing, print on-demand, and more.
  • Investigate new developments in substrate fiber, digital textile printing, corrugated printing, augmented reality, and printed electronics.
  • Interact with dozens of bright, tech-savvy university students from TAGA student chapters anxious to get their start in our industry.
  • Network with technologists, researchers, scientists, developers, and those who are evaluating graphic innovations for their businesses.

Our keynote speakers (TBD) will expand your knowledge in evolving areas such as the role of print in trans-media storytelling and the neuroscience behind how your brain processes print and digital communication.

Papers will be delivered on emerging science, technology, and applications of all forms of graphic technology and printing processes. The scope of the conference encompasses topics such as color, materials, packaging, curing, process control, data management, workflow, security, nanotechnology, MEMS, electronics, and fundamental science. Papers that feature the innovative application or evaluation of graphic arts technology will also be included.

Papers presented will be published in the TAGA Proceedings. TAGA is recognized worldwide as the most prestigious and comprehensive literature resource for graphic arts sciences and technologies, just as ISCC is recognized as the principal professional society in the field of color.