Andreas Kraushaar has joined Fogra in 2001 and is heading the prepress department over 15 years. Within the prepress department he is responsible for research in the fields of imaging science focusing on colour management, image quality assessment, 3D colour and Artificial intelligence. He is also active in the national and international standardisation. Since 2018 is president of the German colour society.

Identification of Aim Values for a CMYK-OGV Based Process Agnostic ECG Characterization Data Set: FOGRA55 Beta 2 Field Test

Yuan Li and Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra

For design and print workflows, where the final printing conditions are either unknown or known to be a variety of different printing systems or processes, one solution is to utilize an colour exchange space during the print data preparation phase and also in proofing in order to achieve a consistent colour reproduction throughout the process even without knowledge of the final printing condition. In order to provide the market with an colour exchange space for Extended Gamut Printing (ECG) workflow that reflects the shape and size of a ECG printing gamut, the characterization dataset FOGRA55 is developed. The FOGRA55 is designed to be a CMYKOGV-based process agnostic ECG characterization dataset with a CMYK subset consent to FOGRA51 and appropriate solid aims for OGV. This work focuses on the validation of the OGV-aims based on the FOGRA55 beta 1 published in 2019.