Quality Analysis of Hinge Lid Package In Rotogravure Printing Process

Soumen Basak, Rahul Kundu, Anwesha Bandopadhyay, and Bikram Mahishya, Jadavpur University, India

This study deals with the analysis of the quality parameters of Hinge Lid Package (HLP) printed by Rotogravure machine. During the process HLPs are collected in two separate pallets, namely Good Pallet and Autosplice Pallet respectively. Good Pallet is used to collect the HLPs which will reach to the customer. The Autosplice Pallet collects HLPs which require further sorting due to the mechanism of splicing which tends to deviate from quality parameters.

The observation methodology and the collection of data are based on interpretative approach which contains four quality parameters like: Print to Cut, Cut to Crease, Registration Mark and Ink Flim Density. An experimental approach has been taken, since the aim of the study is to check the variation of print quality in HLPs stacked on Good Pallet which are dispatched to the market for sale and to check the variation of print quality of HLPs printed during auto splicing mechanism in order to find out the utilisation of that HLPs for market sale.

It shows that small variation in quality parameters beyond the tolerance value effect the print quality of package.

A statistical model and graphical analysis is designed to determine the influence of quality parameters on defect minimization.

It has been observed that checking the standard quality parameters at a regular interval of 30 minutes, maintains the print quality to a greater extent.