Bruno Mortara has more than 30 years of experience in the printing business. He has worked with consumer products companies, printers, and suppliers, developing standardization tools to ensure print consistency. He participated in the creation and adoption of standards and is superintendent of ABNT/OSN-27, local mirror committee of ISO TC130.

He is technical director of ABTG – Brazilian Technical Printing Association, PhD and Ms in color control in reproduction processes at USP, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. He is the Brazilian expert at ISO TC130 and has been the convenor for WG13, coordinating the group of conformance assessment.

Methodology For Assessing The Technical Quality Of Museological Fineart Reproductions From Digital Photographic Archives. 2019. Thesis (Doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism)

In this thesis a methodology for the evaluation of the colorimetric and physical quality ofphotographic reproductions were elaborated and systematized, from professional captures inRAW format, outputted in high quality printing systems using materials of high permanence.This mode of reproduction, called Fineart printing, requires some important care so that itsresult has high fidelitycompared to the final file prepared by the artist/photographer. Inaddition, other good practices adopted in the method developed here guarantee themuseological quality of reproductions that comply with hereby established requirements. Colorspace for image acquisition, printing methods, measurement methodology, control strips withcolorimetric targets, control strip of physical characteristics, targets and colorimetric tolerancesand tolerances for physical target are part of this methodology. It is expected that its use willallow objective quality control and easy implementation in this important field of visual arts.Keywords: Fineart printing; colorimetric workflow in digital photography; colorimetric control of photographic printing systems; Color space for the ingestion of RAW files.