Eddy Hagen started his career in the printing industry in 1988. For a long time, he worked at the innovation center for the printing industry in Belgium, where he designed and coordinated multiple studies and tools that gained international attention. Although being employed outside the printing industry at this moment, he still executes small-scale experiments and shares his insights on his blog: insights4print.ceo.

Brand Color Tolerances: A Reality Check

Eddy Hagen, insights4print.ceo

Print quality management has come a long way over the last three decades. Long time print quality used to be entirely in the hands of the press operator. Thanks to standardization and better tools, print quality and consistency significantly improved. And so did the expectations, the quality demands. Up to a point where one could question whether tight brand color tolerances like max. 2 dE00, often pushed by some technology providers and consultants,make sense. Whether anyone outside the print echo chamber cares about this kind of deviation. The main reasons to question such tight tolerances: are the tools up to the task? Can we be objective about color perception? And,above all, do consumers care? Although very controversial, it’s a discussion we need to start.