UV LED Low Migration Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

Jake Staples, Ashland

As opportunities for food flexible packaging continue to move into the mid and narrow web space, lines are becoming increasingly blurred around low migration and FDA compliance and how food safety impacts converters and their customers.  This talk explores the use of UV LED technology as an advanced alternative to conventional curing methods.  Ashland will provide to those stakeholders throughout the value chain insight into the necessary steps around food safety and regulatory compliance.  The benefits of UV LED include instant cure, ease-of-use, existing asset utilization and improved process controls, thereby eliminating many existing variables. This unique curing technology provides mid and narrow web converters the ability to participate in flexible packaging where other curing technologies may have created process limitations and barriers-to-entry. Being a leader in the field of UV LED laminating adhesives, Ashland is educating converters entering the food flexible packaging market on how UV LED curing is an industry game-changer, combining UV LED adhesive technologies and regulatory expertise for optimal performance.