Expanding your Printer’s Reach: The Rise of Expanded Gamut Technology

Kyle Hargrove, CGS-ORIS

The concept of Expanded Gamut Printing is not new – in fact, it’s decades old. So, this poses the question: why has it taken decades to become relevant?

As brand recognition and packaging innovation continue to grow in importance, so does the use of brand spot colors and the subsequent need for a method to color manage and produce consistent colors at an affordable cost.

Traditionally, spot colors can present several obstacles including cost barriers, but with Expanded Gamut Printing, printers are leveraging additional ink sets to increase productivity while decreasing overall costs.

Join Kyle Hargrove, Product Manager of Digital Technologies at CGS-ORIS, as explores some of the reasons behind the recent surge in growth of Expanded Gamut Printing and the technology advancements that have allowed for this growth.