Marc Levine is a member of GMG Americas’ senior management team as Director of Business Development. In this role, Levine helps to expand adoption of GMG technology across all print segments.

Levine has 25 years of experience selling, supporting, developing and driving business on products that are built on color across different print verticals, including wide format printing, commercial printing, and packaging. He has worked for and with several technology and service companies. At Schawk, he was Director of the Enterprise Print Quality program. Marc was focused on packaging—helping brands to optimize their packaging color on shelf and to produce more consistent and durable brand equity. He also managed a team of experts focused on implementing best practices and standardization. Previously, Levine was Director of Business Development at the Color Management Group where he worked with manufacturer partners, resellers, and customers on strategic sales and marketing programs to improve business performance based around color technology products. Levine has also held technical and sales roles at X-Rite Inc, and at NUR Macroprinters.

Levine holds a BS in Graphic Design from Northeastern University, with additional studies in Figure Study and Photography at Scoula del Verde. He is a published author and regular contributor to the industry.

GMG ColorCard

Marc Levine, GMG Color (InterTech Award Recipient)

GMG ColorCard is a cloud-based software solution to create and print color cards as visual ink color references based on advanced spectral technology. Brands need to know how well their brand colors will match on press, because different substrates and printing processes require different ink recipes to achieve the same brand color.

To perform anspot color ink match, base colorants are mixed together—with the help of “ink formulation” software in an ink kitchen. During the process, “drawdowns” are created to test colors—a small amount of ink applied to the expected packaging substrate. It’s a physical sample that shows what the production spot color will look like.

Sometimes, drawdowns are made using a manual hand-roller. Sometimes conventional color prints are created using small, special presses that try to simulate real printing conditions. Varnishes or laminates may also be applied to simulate appropriate effects. These color prints are sent to all of the supply chain participants for approval. If not approved, they may return to formulation for a new color match—with new color prints—for approval.

GMG ColorCard uses a completely digital process which makes color communication in the complete supply chain so much easier, more reliable and faster. It produces cards in just a few clicks, has digital precision and repeatability, and does not require special expertise. Operators choose their defined color, select a substrate and printing process and chose from different color card templates. GMG ColorCard will show the paper tint and the paper structure and predicts the dot gain and production tolerance, based on the defined printing process parameters. Customer specific dot gains can be used, as well as typical dot gains defined by standardization organizations.

GMG ColorCard accurately illustrates the visual color and quality of real ink on a real substrate in about three minutes. It is easy to produce a single copy or many copies, on demand—saving considerable time.

Just about anyone can operate GMG ColorCard. The cards can be produced on any calibrated inkjet printer, completely eliminating the time and cost of shipping and sharing. Because GMG ColorCard is more precise than a swatch book, it ensures that print results meet print buyer expectations.

Conventional analog color prints also cannot effectively simulate how halftones will print on a press. With GMG ColorCard, everything happens digitally, on the same card, with digital precision, with one click.

Every press run has some variations, but what does that look like? Demonstrating tolerances using an analog process is very time-intensive and is not accurate most of the time. However, GMG ColorCard can offer an accurate visual representation of both the color target and variations based on tolerances with just one click. Printers can truly set the visual expectation for the brand before going to press—including tolerance, streamlining the print production and approval process.

GMG ColorCard ensures that print results meet print buyer expectations.It creates a true color reference; much more precise than a swatch book, more versatile than a conventional drawdown, much less expensive and much easier to create. With GMG ColorCard everybody is able to create accurate draw downs, anywhere, as many and as often you want.