As product marketing manager, Michal is responsible for executing product management, product launch and business case analysis for market expansion within the HP Indigo commercial group. She has also been involved in the planning and execution of special projects including strategic partnerships for leading, global high-tech companies in a variety of industries.

HP Indigo 100K Digital Press

Michal Shelly, Hewlitt-Packard (InterTech Award Recipient)

The HP Indigo 100K is a digital platform that generates the highest digital B2-sheet throughput in the commercial printing market. It allows printers to create hundreds of jobs per day and over 2M B2 sheets per month. The press was engineered with offset users in mind. It combines offset quality and robustness with the well-known Indigo flexibility including all the advantages that digital printing has to offer. The HP Indigo 100K offers reduced cost per copy and exceptional reliability, predictability and automation with true non-stop production.

The Indigo 100K is the first in the new Series 5 of HP Indigo printers and has a 30% faster engine process speed when compared to Indigo Series 4 presses. However, when combining all improvements, the press offers an increase in throughput of 50% more pages.

The increase in process speed (3.05 m/sec) along with the introduction of a high level of automation and design for serviceability will contribute to the HP Indigo 100K’s superior throughput and TCO (total cost of ownership), and will allow printers to meet the most demanding turnaround times.

The HP Indigo 100K introduces a dynamic 5-source-feeding system, continuous stacking through a highly advanced Auto Pallet Replacement technology at the delivery unit, and an automated color measurement system, assuring the high productivity.

By adding two additional drawers for a total of five input sources, customers can load the media while printing which means that printing never has to stop. In addition, a continuous stacking mechanism automatically ejects a printed stack and then loads an empty pallet without interrupting print.

Smart color management performs calibration in parallel to printing, effectively eliminating calibration time, keeping color consistent even for the longer runs, sheet-to-sheet, job-to-job, press-to-press, day-to-day.

The offset-like gripper-to-gripper paper feed technology is unique to digital printing and ensures high reliability of the paper transport, especially with light papers The gripper-to-gripper mechanism enables very accurate sheet-to- sheet registration as well as a seamless and automated switchover process for different paper sizes and weights, on the fly at high speed.

The HP Indigo 100K Digital Press operates in perfect harmony with offset fleets, allowing the PSP to put the right job on the right machine. It is targeted to print shops with medium to high volume of short runs who want to increase automation, reduce plates, save on labor and handling costs. The press enables printers to meet faster turnaround times that are increasingly becoming the norm.