Flexo Plate Technology Optimized for Corrugated

Ryan Vest, MacDermid Graphics Solutions

MacDermid Graphics Solutions has created an enabling technology for better and more consistency plate print quality, while optimizing platemaking productivity and efficiency. This technology is an evolution from the previous LUX® lamination platemaking technology in that it removes the external platemaking step while retaining the ability to achieve higher quality, consistency and versatility in their platemaking operations. The Anti-fluting technology developed as an “out of the box” platemaking solution was evolved from the breakthrough LUX® ITP™ development first launched in May 2014.

The Anti-fluting platform took this “ITP™” solution and modified it for printing on corrugated media, but adding the design step of a tailored dot shape to suit the corrugated flute structure itself, i.e. we designed a dot that would perform specifically to the print media, and as a result — reduce the fluting/ washboard effect that has so commonly plagued corrugated printers for years.