The Portable Console: Managing Offset Press Operation from an App

Walter Chmura, Koenig & Bauer

Operators are similarly more flexible than ever before when it comes to monitoring of the production process. They can now carry a mobile control console in their pocket. With a smartphone and the Rapida LiveApp, they are always in touch with their press – even while taking a coffee break in the canteen. A glance at the display provides details of the job which is currently in production and how much longer it will take to complete. The press crew can then decide at leisure when they need to be back at the press to load up the plates for the next job, for example.

The marketplace is demanding more environmental awareness and monitoring systems. Koenig & Bauer’s Rapida LiveApp addresses this important topic by providing a raft of live information from the running production, including even energy consumption and the equivalent carbon emissions per 1,000 sheets.

With the consumables lot identification function, consumables such as paper and ink can be tracked either manually or by way of QR codes and assigned to the relevant job. The place of consumption, for example a certain inking unit, is determined automatically and saved in the data record for quality control and documentation (necessary if regulations are required for the print job i.e. the food industry).

Whether inks, substrates, blankets or plates: all data is made available for tracing purposes or inventory management – immediately and without further intervention. The data is sent from the mobile device to the console, and automatically passed on via Koenig & Bauer’s production management system, LogoTronic Professional and via JMF to the company management information software (MIS).

Walter Chmura has 33 years of extensive experience in the printing Industry. Since 1985 Walter Chmura has been an integral part of the graphic arts industry.

Walter Chmura began his career in the graphic arts industry as a pressman in the Chicagoland area in the United States of America. After several years of gaining experience he accepted a position as a plant manager of a large printing company in the Midwest. Walter Chmura started selling capital equipment 23 years ago with another press manufacture. Walter Chmura held several different positions beginning as a National Demonstrator; Reginal Service Manager, Corporate Showroom Manager, National Product Manager, and then National Accounts Sales Manager.

Walter Chmura is the Vice President of Technical Sales and special liaison between Koenig & Bauer engineering teams in Radebeul, Germany, and Koenig & Bauer North American salesforce and marketing team.