What are the benefits of membership in the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA)?

If you are interested in scientific research and technological innovation in graphic communications, then you would be wise to join TAGA. Members receive the annual printed TAGA Proceedings book (including CD with full papers), along with free access to the thousands of research papers published by TAGA since 1949. Members can attend the Annual Technical Conference each March at a discount and have free access to an archive of conference presentation slides. The e-newsletter is sent to members quarterly. Importantly, members become part of a network featuring some of the brightest scientific and technical minds in the industry. Research findings revealed by TAGA will continue to help shape future developments in printing and graphic arts.

What role do university students have in TAGA?

TAGA student chapters have been a key part of TAGA since their formation in 1992 to promote student research. Currently, there are eight active university chapters located in U.S., Canada, and France. The chapters can compete in the annual student competition by producing a student publication that showcases student papers. Awards are given out at the conference banquet for the best overall publication, for specific publication qualities, and for individual student papers. Chapter members attend the TAGA Annual Technical Conference to distribute and discuss their journal publication, interact with professional attendees, and to attend conference sessions, including student-specific sessions. The students are generally majoring in graphics communications, digital media, or a similar program, and are some of the most talented students entering our industry.

Who joins TAGA and attends the annual technical conference?

TAGA serves the interests of three groups: printing and graphic communications professionals investigating and utilizing leading-edge technology for their companies; scientists and researchers developing technology for industry suppliers; and university professors and students conducting basic and applied research. Conference attendance is a mix of these three groups.

When does my TAGA membership start and end?

While memberships can be purchased throughout the year, they cover a calendar year. If an individual purchases a TAGA membership in the first six months of the year, it is in force for that calendar year. If a membership is purchased in the second half of the year, the membership will be active for the remaining months and the following calendar year.

How do I get copies of TAGA papers and the annual TAGA Proceedings book?

Starting in 2018, research and scientific papers presented at TAGA Annual Technical Conferences (since the first conference in 1949) are available free of charge to TAGA members. Abstracts from present to 1982 can be searched and papers downloaded by members at www.printing.org/taga-abstracts. Individuals must be logged in to the PIA website and recognized as a TAGA member to see the paper PDF for download. Older papers can be requested by members by emailing taga@printing.org. Non-members can purchase papers by filling out the PDF order form and sending it to taga@printing.org or faxing it to 412-259-1765. The annual Proceedings book is mailed each year to TAGA members whose membership was in force for at least half of the publication year, as well as conference attendees from that year. Books can also be purchased by filling out the PDF order form and sending it to taga@printing.org or faxing it to 412-259-1765.