Here is the list of papers selected to be presented at the 2019 Annual Technical Conference in association with ISCC, March 17-20. The list of papers is subject to change leading up the conference.

  • Building a Scalable ‘Self-Serve’ Augmented Reality Platform – A Case Study
    Alan Smithson [MetaVRse]
  • Categorical Effects In Printed Color for Elderly and Young People Under Different Color Temperature of Lighting
    S. Theerathammakorn and B. Waleetorncheepsawat [Sukohthai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand];
    T. Obama [Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, Japan]
  • Characterization of  Multicolor  Printing: Challenges and Solutions
    Hanno Hoffstadt [GMG Color]
  • Color Studies Curriculum: Re-Envisioning Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color in the Digital Age
    Yue (Julie) Cao [Rochester Institute of Technology]
  • Colour Accuracy of Corporate Colours in Expanded Gamut Print Reproduction
    Martin Habekost and Reem El Asaleh [Ryerson University]
  • Common Milkweed as an Alternative Cellulose Fiber Source for Making Paper with Strength and Moisture Resistance
    Hans Kellogg, Heather Hendrixson, and Renmei Xu [Ball State University]; Maruthi Srivatsan Mogundan and Paul D. Fleming III [Western Michigan University]
  • A Corrected Kubelka-Munk Model for Color Prediction of Pre-Colored Fiber Blends
    Chun-ao Wei and Xiaoxia Wan [Wuhan University]
  • Measuring Macro Uniformity in the Context of Analyzing Optimization Processes for Inkjet Printing
    Dr. Danny Hall [Global Graphics]
  • The Development of a Photopolymer Based Additive Manufacturing Process for Producing a Unique No-label Look Decoration without a Laminated Face-stock
    Anthony Carignano [ACTEGA North America Technologies Inc.]
  • Development Process of a Smart Code Based On Smart Materials
    Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus [University of Wuppertal]
  • Digital Enhancement on a Narrow Web Press
    Jack Noonan [MGI Digital Technology]
  • Evaluation of Light Measurement Instruments
    Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. [Rochester Institute of Technology]
  • An Evaluation to Identify Best Printing Process and Substrate for Newly Developed Color Vision Deficiency Diagnosing Tool
    Ganesh Kumar [Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd ]; Mohan Venkat [Sphere Sight Pvt Ltd & Elite School of Optometry, India]
  • Expanding your Printer’s Reach: The Rise of Expanded Gamut Technology
    Kyle Hargrove [CGS–ORIS]
  • An Experimental Study of Key Factors Affecting Color Reproduction on Corrugated Board Using UV Wide-format Inkjet Printer
    Yu Ju Wu [Appalachian State University]
  • Factors Impacting Consistent Color Appearance Prediction
    Elena Fedorovskaya and Robert Chung [Rochester Institute of Technology];
    David Hunter and Pierre Urbain [Pilot Marketing Group]; Don Hutcheson [HutchColor]

ISCC presentation

Poster Presentations

  • Examination of Contemporary Plate Production and Surface Texture of Flexographic Printing plates
    Csaba Horváth [Óbuda University ]; Klaudia Pálova [University of Sopron]