Here you can find the presentation files from the 2020 remote video presentations. Files are available as one or six slides per page (1spp or 6spp) PDF files. Files will be uploaded as they are received and will also be available on the TAGA Members Area page on (login required).

Session 1: Ink

  • Advances in Corona Treating Technology for Improving Ink Adhesion (1spp | 6 spp)
    Aaron Hootkin, Enercon Industries

  • Exposure Risk Assessment: Production to Pressroom (1spp | 6 spp)
    Natasha Hausler Banke, Ph.D., INX International Ink Company

Session 2: Expanded Gamut

  • Brand Colour Reproduction Using Expanded Gamut Technology with Offset Printing (1spp | 6spp)
    Dr. Martin Habekost and Reem El-Asaleh, Ph.D., Ryerson University

  • Color Gamut Extension on 4-Color Sheetfed Offset Press Using Ink Fountain Divider Methodology (1spp | 6spp)
    Ruoxi (Rachel) Ma and Brian Lawler, California Polytechnic State University

Session 3: Inkjet

  • Transitioning the Production of Premium Products to Inkjet Web (1spp | 6spp)
    Roger Serrette, Ricoh USA

  • Eliminating Banding in Inkjet Output (1spp | 6spp)
    Danny Hall, Global Graphics

  • Effect of Ink, Substrate, and Target Line Width on Quality of Lines Printed Using a Piezo-Electric Inkjet Printer (1spp | 6spp)
    Mihir Ravindra Choudhari, Robert Eller, and Christine Heusner, Rochester Institute of Technology

Session 4: Color

  • Consistent Display of Clemson Brand Colors Using Artificial Intelligence (1spp | 6spp)
    Dr. Erica Walker and Dr. Hudson Smith, Clemson University

  • Quantification of Metamerism in the Graphic Arts (1spp | 6spp)
    John Seymour, John the Math Guy, LLC

  • IMAGE: Accurate Full Color Image Aging (1spp | 6spp)
    Bruce Ridge and Tim Quinn, Nazdar Consultant

Session 5: Flexographic Production

  • A Major Advance in Water-Based Processing of Flexo Plates (1spp | 6spp)
    John Anderson, Miraclon Corporation
  • A Wizard-Based Approach to Optimizing Screening Parameters in Flexo Printing (1spp | 6spp)
    Mark Samworth, Esko USA

Session 6: Packaging

  • New EB Curable CI-Flexo Ink Technology Providing Sustainable Printing Solutions for Packaging Applications (1spp | 6spp) (file not yet provided)
    Brian Sullivan, Energy Sciences Inc.

  • Evaluation of Available ISO 13655 Backing Materials and Measurement Differences for the Packaging Industry (1spp | 6spp)
    Jinkai Qian, Techkon USA

Session 7: Security

  • Investigation of a Hydrochromic Ink Used as a Safety Feature (1spp | 6spp)
    Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus, Bergische University of Wuppertal

  • Cyber Security Awareness in the Variable Data and Direct Mail Printing Industries and the Consequences of Data Breaches (1spp | 6spp)
    Dr. Carl Blue and Dr. Charles Weiss, Clemson University

Session 8: Print Production

  • Definition and Measurement of Lay-Flat Degree for Books (1spp | 6spp)
    Csaba Horvath, Nyomda-Technika Kft.; Laszlo Koltai,Óbuda University;
    Istvan Lorincz and Peter Teleki, Alföldi Nyomda Zrt.

Session 9: New Technology

  • Manufacturing and Integrating Printed Electronics (1spp | 6spp) (files not yet provided)
    Alexandra Hartman, Printed Energy Pty Ltd.;
    Bill Ray, Nth Degree Technologies Inc. & Printed Energy Pty Ltd.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence for Planning and Imposition (1spp | 6spp)
    Tyler Thompson, Tilia Labs Inc.

Session 10: Print Process

  • Recycled Does Not Mean Weaker (1spp | 6spp)
    Emilija Biga, Ryerson University

Session 11: Print Analysis

  • The Interaction Between Color Standards and Production Tolerances: A Mismatch of Metrics (1spp | 6spp)
    Dr. Mark Bohan and Dawn Nye, Konica Minolta Business Solutions

  • Natural Plate Compensation Curves: Simplified Flexo Plate Calibration with SCTV (1spp | 6spp)
    Stefano d’Andrea, Flexographic Printing Process Trainer & Consultant