TAGA and RadTech are partnering to offer students cash prizes for their design and creative ideas regarding a UV+EB promotional poster for the biennial RadTech Conference at Disney’s Coronado resort in Orlando, Florida, March 9-12, 2020 www.radtech2020.com.

Energy curing is a super fast, clean, safe, enviro-friendly and energy efficient… allowing graphic differentiation and helping enable new printing and packaging techniques.

First prize : $600 + free conference attendance

Second prize: $300 + free conference attendance

Poster competition rules

  1. Design, create and develop a poster to showcase where energy cure materials (UV+EB) are used and the benefits of the technology (please refer to the RadTech website for ideas www.radtech.org)
  2. The poster must be specified for UV curing. Submit your design as a PDF.
  3. Winning posters will be printed to size 3:2
  4. Award Selection Based on:  50% from online voting and  50% from RadTech Board and Committee Leadership voting

Award winners

  • The winning posters will be showcased by RadTech with the name of the winning student(s) and college/school and shared on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • RadTech will provide a cash awards to winners

Entries must be submitted to RadTech by December 31.

Please register below now if you think you would like to participate.

Thank you to Dave Biro of Sun Chemical and Wandee Poolpol of Eckart America/Altana for chairing this effort. Please contact RadTech if you have questions at gary@radtech.org or call 240-497-1242. Thank you!

RadTech is a non profit trade association working to increase awareness and interest in energy cure (UV+EB) inks and OPV’s at graphics schools