Why Sponsor TAGA?

  • The only global professional technical association for the graphic arts industry.
  • Singular focus on research and innovations driving progress in graphic communications and print manufacturing.
  • Learn of technology developments in graphic arts systems, software, and computer, as well as the more traditional areas of press, ink, and paper engineering applications.
  • Connect with people leading R&D projects at suppliers and research centers.
  • Serving the CTO, CIO, and R&D management personnel of printers, publishers, and pre-media companies, as well as engineers and scientists employed by graphic arts systems and equipment providers, ink manufacturers, and paper manufacturers.
  • Support dozens of talented students who share their research and learn from industry professionals. TAGA has university chapters associated with the best known graphic communications programs in North America and France.
  • Spotlight your company as a technology leader worthy of consideration as they enter the job market.