TAGA Presents features top industry thinkers giving you insights into technology breakthroughs and impacts in printing, graphic communications, and related fields. Our March event examines developments in sustainable packaging, color matching across processes, mining big data from MIS solutions, and the state of printed electronics.

For over 70 years, the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA), now part of PRINTING United Alliance, has been a worldwide forum to disseminate information on technology research and innovation. While the method of dissemination has changed to include virtual events such as TAGA Presents, the mission remains unchanged. Join us as TAGA examines another group of diverse technologies and explores their challenges and opportunities.

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You Will Learn:

  • Progress in creating sustainable flexible packaging
  • How packaging can be used as a profit center to engage consumer interest in new and innovative ways
  • How to exploit “big data” from management information systems (MIS) to understand customer and market trends and make smarter decisions
  • The pace of development in printed electronics and new applications driving progress
  • What’s required to get the best color match between print processes

Who Should Attend:

  • Print executives responsible for technology and innovation
  • Product managers, scientists, and researchers at equipment and consumable suppliers
  • Research and technical staff at graphic arts institute worldwide
  • University professors and academic researchers
  • Students majoring in graphic communications, packaging, and related fields


TAGA Presents will take place in two 90-minute sessions over two days via an easy-to-use virtual meeting platform. Attendees can participate via internet access or phone and from the comfort of their own workspace. While the presentations have been recorded in advance to ensure optimal sound and image quality, there will be a live question and answer session following each presentation. Specific login instructions will be provided upon registration.


Thursday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 23, 2021 | 2:00–3:30 p.m. EST
It’s a virtual event, from your desktop

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Time until the event begins:

2021/03/11 14:00:00

Recordings from TAGA Presents will be available after the event to registrants.

Thursday, March 11, 2021 2:00–3:30 p.m. EDT

Re-Thinking Packaging as a Sustainable Profit Center

Kelly Williams, Sustainability Strategist, Futamura Group/NatureFlex Films

There is so much talk these days about “sustainability” and the “circular economy” that many are starting to wonder what that means, exactly. There are large forces to keep status quo of pumping millions of tons of plastic into packaging and relying on hopes and prayers that it can be collected and repurposed downstream. This presentation will give context to the facts regarding single-use packaging and will dissect the circular economy, followed by the solution to the problem. The solution is inside a single truth that packaging has never been a cost center; it is every bit an unrecognized profit center. In fact, it is a physical form of social media.

How Today’s Reporting Has Become an Intelligent Management Tool to Drive Change

Geert Van Damme, Managing Director, CERM

As the keeper of all-important data in a printing company, management Information systems have always been reporting values like inventory, work in progress, and profitability. But with the evolution of data technology, today’s business intelligence tools allow us to analyze trends and evaluate the result of decisions. In this presentation, we will show insightful examples and discuss how they can help your company to increase productivity and profitability. We will explain how it works and how you can set up such tools for yourself.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 2:00–3:30 p.m. EDT

What Can You Really Expect from a Color Match Between Processes?

Jan Michael Lemieux, Manager, Pre-Sales Solutions Support, Canon Solutions America, Inc. and Steve Upton, President, CHROMiX

Color management has improved significantly over the last ten years, democratizing the process and making it much easier to maintain the color when achieved. The G7 process has helped significantly in this and is now internationally accepted. However, limitations remain on what is possible when attempting to match colors between highly disparate systems. A pair of color management experts explain the tools and methods that can be leveraged to obtain the best possible match between toner-based digital, inkjet, offset, and flexography, and where design expectations come into play. Given their experience in the field, they’ll also provide guidance on having realistic expectations.

Printed and Hybrid Electronics: Mounting Applications and Technology Breakthroughs

David Savastano, Editor, Printed Electronics Now and Ink World Magazine, Rodman Publishing

A decade ago, there was a lot of hype about printed electronics that proved to be premature. However, the good news is that there are new applications emerging. Today, printed electronics covers smart packaging and labels, sensors and wearables, solar cells, displays and lighting, batteries, medical devices, military equipment, and much more. Significant is the development of flexible hybrid electronics, combining traditional semiconductor-based electronics with elements of printing. How are technology and demand changing? A long-time observer of the printed electronics sector delivers a status report.

Meet the Presenters

Jan Michael Lemieux, Manager, Pre-Sales Solutions Support, Canon Solutions America, Inc.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Jan manages Canon Solutions America’s Pre-Sales Solutions Support team. They are responsible for supporting software and color workflow solutions for Canon Solutions America’s continuous and sheetfed full-color inkjet Production Printing Systems. This multidisciplinary team incorporates skilled specialists in all aspects of workflow, color, and customer support solutions. They provide innovative solutions and implementation, conduct advanced internal and customer training, and interface with Canon factory R&D teams to design practical and consistent color workflow strategies across the portfolio.

Jan Lemieux

David Savastano, Editor, Printed Electronics Now and Ink World Magazine, Rodman Publishing

David Savastano is editor of Ink World Magazine and Printed Electronics Now. He has been with Rodman Media for more than 20 years. He is a frequent industry speaker and has appeared in a variety of allied and printing publications. Before joining Rodman Media, Savastano was an award-winning editor of community newspapers. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and a master’s degree from Marquette University.

David Savastano

Steve Upton, President, CHROMiX

Steve Upton is president of CHROMiX, the 20-year-old Seattle-based firm providing color management products, consulting, training, and technical support to visual content creators in various industries. He is the creator of the award-winning ColorThink color profile graphing and analysis package, the architect of the Maxwell online color management system, and co-developer of Curve, the de facto G7 calibration toolset. With years of computing and photographic experience, and a degree in computing science and optics, Upton is uniquely qualified to manage color fidelity in the digital realm.

Steve Upton

Geert Van Damme, Managing Director, CERM

Geert Van Damme joined CERM in 1987 as a junior software developer. As the customers’ need for support grew, he became the first helpdesk operator and the first consultant to support the administrative software package for printers. Over time, his role continued to evolve, as he became responsible for managing a growing team of consultants and relations with partners within the graphic arts industry. In 2014, after the acquisition of CERM by Heidelberg, Van Damme became the Managing Director of CERM. He has a master’s degree in educational sciences and a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences.

Geert Van Damme

Kelly Williams, Sustainability Strategist, Futamura Group/NatureFlex Films

Kelly Williams is considered a thought leader in the flexible packaging industry. His career spans over 25 years and has included everything from polyolefins manufacturing, adhesives and coatings, printing and converting, and most recently helping make digital printing an option for flexible packaging. He now focuses on teaching the market how to “rethink” packaging. Externally, Williams is the Sustainability Strategist for Futamura’s NatureFlex Films business, which means he is an agnostic advisor to brands, retailers, converters, and raw material co-suppliers to help them get to where they want to go. Internally, Williams leads all Business Development efforts for the company.

Kelly Williams


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